Streetalk June 17 2004

At what place will you find the most annoying people?

Mia: The Bounce, but it’s now called the Palladium. Lots of guys with lots of gold teeth. They’re all dressed up in their T-shirts and throwback jerseys. It’s right next to the Blue Flame strip club, so the guys think they can just touch you. When you turn them away, they call you all sorts of derogatory names. I know girls have gotten beer thrown at them. A lot of the exotic dancers come over, so it makes it bad for us girls that just want to dance and have fun. But the music is good.

Brent: It’s pretty much obnoxious everywhere, but the place that bothers me the most is the Masquerade. I’ve played shows there, and it was a horrible experience. Most of the people who come to the Masquerade are from outside the perimeter. Little hipsters trying to be cool, do all their shopping at Little Five and wear whatever they bought that day to the Masquerade that night. The whole fact that they’re even doing ’80s night is pretty sad. I lived through the ’80s. The music was bad enough the first time around.

Rick: Cafe Intermezzo. They are the most obnoxious waiters and waitresses. You ask them a question and they look at you like you’re dumb. They cook their own food, but they don’t even make their own cheesecake. If you ask them a question as to what’s in this, they don’t want to answer your question. And they look at you like, “You idiot, don’t you know what’s in crème brulée?” No, I don’t. I don’t make crème brulée on a daily basis, so I don’t know everything that goes in there.-- Jeff Slate