What’s a girl looking for on a Saturday night in Atlanta?

Amanda: An older, good-looking man — the Richard Gere type. And big feet. If you have big feet, you usually have big shoes, big toes, big underwear, big just everywhere. And a fat wallet that likes to stay at the Four Seasons at least once a month.

Robin: A place where they can be laid-back, there’s no pressure and they can have a good time. They’re looking for a man — but a smart girl knows that she’s not going to find a man at a bar. So if there’s a place she can go and there’s no pressure, that’s a key. By pressure I mean: going up to the bar and not being able to get a drink because people are hitting on you constantly. You tell them you’re not interested and they continue to pursue.

Cher: Hot chicks are looking for a fine piece of ass on a Saturday night in Atlanta — and condoms. And you can’t find condoms anywhere. Most girls are looking for a piece of ass, but I have one at home. With a piece of ass, you are suddenly more attractive than you are without a piece of ass. My fiance was a piece of ass for a long time, and now he’s going to be my husband.