Gwinnett Blotter March 21 2001

An 18-year-old man said a man approached him with a shotgun and asked if he knew where his girlfriend's gold bottom teeth were because she left them at the Mrs. Winner's at the corner of Westview Drive and Ashby Street.

The 18-year-old works at that Mrs. Winner's. He had found some gold teeth on a table and placed them on a counter, but someone else picked up the teeth.

The 18-year-old said he is allergic to gold and he didn't have the gold. The second man said if he didn't have the gold by tomorrow, he was going to kill him.

Police advised the 18-year-old to take out a warrant.

Multiple officers participated in surveillance of several apartment complexes in Gwinnett County due to numerous armed robberies that had occurred in the past week. The surveillance included officers on rooftops and in civilian vehicles.

One officer advised that he observed two men wearing black jackets who crossed a road onto a pathway into the apartment area. The men were also observed walking and crouching behind bushes, stalking two other men walking through the pathways. This activity continued for about an hour.

The officers then observed the second set of men — the ones being stalked — running very fast from the area. The original pair of men were observed walking toward a police vehicle. They looked over their shoulders several times. The larger man reached his right hand behind his back as if to draw a weapon. He also came at the vehicle in a threatening manner.

All of the officers exited the vehicle and stated, "Police, don't move," with their weapons drawn. The smaller man took several steps and then went to the ground. Two officers continued a foot chase of the larger man who was trying to elude them. After running through two buildings, he then ran with both arms in the air. He continued until he reached the rear of the tennis courts, where he was apprehended by other officers.

The K-9 unit followed the path of the chase and found a small handgun. A search of the suspect revealed an amount of green leafy material. The man was transported to the county jail, charged with loitering, prowling and possession of marijuana.

A police officer was conducting an area check and noticed two vehicles parked in the back of a closed business. Inside one of the vehicles (a truck), an officer saw a man sitting in the back of the cab.

As the officer turned around and shined his light on the vehicle, he noticed a female's head come up from the man's lap. As the officer approached the car, he saw that the female was completely naked but the male was clothed.

The man exited the vehicle and the woman was scrambling to put her clothes back on. As the officer was talking to the woman, the woman said all she was doing was talking to the man. When asked why her clothes were off, she could not explain.

The officer asked her if she was a prostitute and she said she was and had been one for about a month and had sex for money only two times.

When asked if the man had paid her to have sex, she said no, that she had feelings for him and all she did was touch his penis. The man said he was doing nothing. When asked if he knew the woman's name, he was not sure.

They were both arrested for public indecency. During the search of the male, the officer found an opened condom package and the woman just started to laugh.

A high school student told police that he was coming home from a friend's house when a man approached him and stuck a gun to his side and demanded all of his money.

The suspect, who is also a high school student, got away with $4.

Police responded to a call of a possible drunk walking around the parking lot of a Norcross convenience store and then to a fast food restaurant.

The suspect was inside the fast food place, causing a disturbance in a highly intoxicated state. One of the employees was trying to get him to leave. The manager said the suspect had driven up to the take-out window earlier and sat there for five minutes waiting for his food, which he had never ordered.

Because of this and the fact that the man could hardly stand up, he was arrested and transported to the county jail.

With contribution by Lauren Keating. The Blotter is taken entirely from police reports.??

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