Where do babies come from?

In a town whose funkiness quotient seems to be dwindling weekly, thank goodness for alternative art spaces like the Ballroom Studios, a cultural upstart hidden away in a nondescript Fairlie-Poplar walk-up. Beginning April 20 the space hosts Atlanta College of Art graduate and current Brooklyn resident Jena Jones' not cute-cute, but scary-scary, anatomically correct sculptures of the life stages of babies from a goober-sized fetus to a thumb-sucking 10-pounder.

Feel like an obstetrician (or carny mark) as you part the red curtain and appraise the babes rendered like cockroaches belly-up on the kitchen floor, and in all their helpless postures in-between.

A co-founder of the Ballroom Studios, Jones has packed up her creepy kiddies and trucked 'em on down to Atlanta, plunking her cocoa babies rendered in a tree-sap colored casting wax (though the sculptures will be sold in bronze) onto white pedestals. That jarring juxtaposition of naked infant and high art display tactic gives the show its air of weird 19th century science, evoking freak shows and pickled punk exhibitions, made all the more eerie when you consider the oddly adult features on the baby's faces. Things get curiouser still when Jones tackles the twin with a quartet of conjoined sculptures devoted to those embryonic roommates. And the twins are a little, well, different too — like the set of conjoined male and female babies captured in an oddly sexual bond, or the duo touching fingertips like Michelangelo's God and Adam.

Baby Small: A Sculptural Exploration of the Infant runs from April 20-May 19 at Ballroom Studios, 107 Luckie St. 2nd Floor. 404-522-2709. www.ballroomstudios.com.??

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