Karma Cleanser - February 10 2005

?Dear Karma Cleanser:Here’s an example of karma in action: My former girlfriend was a nice person but also a complete slob. I never liked sleeping over at her apartment because it was so messy. She hated scrubbing the bathroom and taking the trash out, so her place always smelled very bad.

While we were dating, I convinced her to spend some of the major cash she was making as a consultant and actually invest in a cleaning lady. She didn’t want to do it but after she did, things were totally different. The apartment was spotless and she loved it. We ended up parting ways (even though we’re still on good terms) and I heard from her today that she bought a new house and has a new roommate. Unfortunately, the house is old and dingy, and the last owner never cleaned. She has less disposable income now that she’s a homeowner so she can no longer afford maid service. But she feels compelled to keep the house clean because it’s her place and she has this housemate watching. When she told me this story, I laughed. Karma is a bitch.

Amusing anecdote, but we don’t think it’s karma’s fault. Had your ex screwed the cleaning crew over by never paying them, or had she forced you to be her Lysol lover and keep the place tidy, then maybe she’d be getting her just deserts with a dusty old fixer-upper.

Otherwise, it sounds to us like she’s simply going through the normal growing pains of home ownership.