Karma Cleanser - Will accepting lower fare affect my Karma?

Dear Karma Cleanser:

I recently was online buying airline tickets for my daughter to travel to Europe to visit family members. When I used a site to purchase the tickets, the results came back showing that the fare was $0. Thinking that it was an error, I continued through the process and the fare only included taxes and fees.

I booked that fare and have since come to find out that it was an employee’s error. The airline is willing to honor the fare, but is requesting that I book the flight with a special discount that they are willing to offer me instead. They are leaving the decision up to me and I feel guilty considering the economic state of the airline industry. Is it bad karma for my daughter to travel virtually free for an employee’s error?

-- Fare enough?

For proof of karma’s inevitability, look no further than the airline industry. Those airborne pirates gouged hapless business travelers for decades with mind-reeling fees for last-minute travel. Now, the proverbial sky is falling with daily headlines about bankruptcies and such. Which really has nothing to do with you. Instead, consider this windfall a tiny test: Take the reduced fair, but insist that your daughter apply the savings toward doing something kind and generous while she’s touring the continent. The Europeans could use it right now.

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