Last Week October 14 2000

Oct. 3
Take a lesson from the kid: A Smyrna kindergartner leaves her school and walks home unnoticed. ... Takes one to know one: A Hall County Sheriff’s Deputy is indicted on charges of running a “chop shop” for stolen cars and of illegally selling guns. ... What in God’s name were they thinking?: Catholic Social Services officials acknowledge paying $20,000 since 1994 to move refugees into substandard, vermin-infested apartments partly owned by the service agency’s director.
Oct. 4
Please do not terrorize the witnesses: U.S. Magistrate Christopher Hagy says some disturbing things have happened while Gold Club owner Steve Kaplan’s been out on bond and warns that any more witness complaints of being pressured might send Kaplan to the lockup. ... Frontier justice: A 20-year-old man is dragged from his West End house and shot to death after a teenage girl tells her family that he raped her. ... Green for green: Gov. Roy Barnes announces the $30 million purchase of the Chicksawhatchee Swamp in southwest Georgia by the Nature Conservancy.
Oct. 5
Ducking controversy: AFLAC insurance officials ask Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mack Mattingly to yank ads featuring a duck very much like the AFLAC quacker. ... Too white: The DeKalb County Board of Education announces it will consider dismantling the much-acclaimed and mostly white Kittredge Magnet School in an effort to further desegregate the system. ... More new maps and lost tourists: Techwood Drive is re-named Centennial Olympic Park Drive.
Oct. 6
That’s all, folks!: An 11-year-old girl suspended from Cobb County schools for carrying a Tweety Bird wallet-and-chain withdraws, opting to attend a private school even though her suspension is repealed. ... Maybe we could name a furniture company after, oh, nevermind: Former Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr. respectfully declines to have Marietta Street re-named for him. ... And these are tomorrow’s leaders? A University of Georgia spokesman says a secret society of fraternity system “guardians” called the Greek Horsemen may have been behind a traffic stop that revealed pledges blindfolded and stuffed in an SUV’s cargo hold.
Oct. 7
Say it ain’t so: The Cards trash the Braves for the NL Division Series title 7-1. ... On thin ice: Plagued by slack defense, the Thrashers lose their season opener to the New York Rangers by a narrow 2-1 margin. ... Unnecessary roughness: Georgia trounces Tennessee 21-10 in a decisive victory, spurring Dawgs fans to try and tear down the up-rights in a melee that leaves a sophomore coed with a serious head injury.
Oct. 8
Pretty cool: A bizarre cold front shoves the temperature down to 39 degrees. ... Wireless: BellSouth crews work through the night to patch 600 damaged phone lines that serve Midtown and Dunwoody. ... New York blues: The Falcons fall to the Giants 13-6, thanks in part to the Falcons’ walking wounded. ... Maybe I really didn’t think this through: A four-day manhunt ends with the arrest of Kenneth Martin Glenn, who escaped from Hart County police while being booked on a misdemeanor drunk-driving charge, stole a car and fired 40 shots from an assault rifle at pursuing officers.
Oct. 9
The Insiders: Two DeKalb County Jail inmates — one serving time for killing his 6-year-old daughter, the other for armed robbery — handcuff two guards, steal their uniforms and evade officers for 12 hours, inside the jail. ... Unwanted tutoring: A 58-year-old Cobb County principal resigns after displaying inappropriate behavior toward three female students. ... My teacher’s not human: Atlanta school board members vote to spend $750,000 on a computerized instruction program for one class at each of five middle schools.

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