Profile - Moses Archuleta:

Deer Hunter and band gatherer

For nearly a year-and-a-half, Moses Archuleta has filled a void in Atlanta nightlife by booking experimental bands for venues such as MJQ, Lenny’s, Eyedrum, Neutron Bomb and The EARL. Most impressively, he’s doing all this at the tender young age of 19.

Moses also plays drums for eclectic local rock band Deer Hunter.

Moses started booking shows because he’s an adamant music fan, but not a very social person. “Aside from Gavin Frederick of Stickfigure Distribution, no one else was booking shows that I would want to see.”

Moses’ resume as a promoter includes booking Lightning Bolt, Deerhoof, XBXRX, Glass Candy, and Windy and Carl.

“The biggest show I’ve booked is the Ruins at MJQ.” The show was the legendary Japanese band’s first visit to the southeastern United States. “I had to fly them in and everything. That was really difficult for me.”

Music isn’t Moses’ only interest. He recently brought Jean-Louis Costes, a renowned French absurdist/existentialist (most recently seen in Gaspar Noe’s controversial film Irreversible), to Eyedrum for a night of experimental theater.

Moses has been in Deer Hunter for a year. He started off playing guitar, bass and keyboards, but now holds it down on the drumkit. Deer Hunter has a split 7-inch with the Alphabets coming out on Die Slaughterhaus Records.

Funny, you don’t look Spanish: Moses is the son of a Spanish-born military man and a Korean woman.

Favorite local bands: Airoes, Black Lips, Cat Power, Electrosleep, Smoke.

Favorite non-local bands: Liars, Glass Candy, Young People, Numbers, Ex-Models.

On Atlanta’s blossoming punk scene: “I think it’s getting better. It’s a little more receptive. There are also more venues now, with Lenny’s opening back up, and MJQ about to open the Drunken Unicorn a forthcoming all-ages addition to the club. I was thinking about leaving Atlanta, but I realized that people make the city what it is, not necessarily the other way around.”