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Quotes on the health insurance crisis

One of the critical issues that the Georgia Legislature will be focused on in the coming session is the health insurance crisis, according to leaders in both parties. It's also on the agenda in Washington. Of course, as Hillary Clinton discovered in the early 1990s, everyone has his or her own idea about how to solve it, even as the problem gets worse and worse.

?"[We will] be dealing with the uninsured population in our state, recognizing that 1.7 million people can't afford health insurance, and we're going to deliver on making sure that becomes a reality in this state."</
-- Lt. Gov.-elect Casey Cagle in his victory speech</
"It's indefensible that there are that many people without health care. Incremental steps would be the best way to go at this point. Find the most vulnerable population. Fund them. Then start looking at other groups. There are hundreds of thousands of kids without health care. Look at providing health care to all children. That's number one. Number two is looking at Medicaid. Make sure that Medicaid is available to those who qualify."</
-- State Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta</
"I have proposed a Health Insurance Patient Ownership Plan that would give individuals ownership and control of their health care dollars. Health care is a very individual, personal decision that can never be successful under a bulk system of delivery."</
-- U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Marietta, a medical doctor who has made health care issues one of his priorities.