Record Review - Tenth to the Moon

Tenth to the Moon

Devo frontman Mark Mothersbaugh once said that his group fell out of the public’s favor because they made listeners feel uncomfortable. Tenth to the Moon frontman Mitchell Foy embraces the aesthetics of harassing his audience. “House on Stilts” opens the CD with a strong rhythmic clatter that establishes a mood and covers the album with a blanket of art-damaged and proto-industrial imagery. With “Turned on Targets,” the CD peaks in a storm of drums. With its montage of conversations and voice mails crisscrossing with paranoia, “Avoidance” is theme music for stalking your friends and neighbors. Tenth to the Moon is all about layering rhythms to push the art of psychological assault to disturbing new heights, and is by no means easy listening. 4 stars

Tenth to the Moon performs a CD release at the Star Bar. Free. Thurs., Aug. 7. 9 p.m. 437 Moreland Ave. 404 681 5740.