Record Review - The Reigning Sound: Live at Goner Records

As the Reigning Sounds’ least essential recording, Live at Goner Records is quite prolific. Recorded at Memphis’ Goner Records store, the recording first appeared as a limited CD-R in 2005, and later as a vinyl-only release. The legit CD documents a low-stress afternoon when shoppers were treated to gritty garage-punk songs from the group’s first three albums, plus a few covers. The leisurely gig best serves up such melodic numbers as “Carol” and “Drowning.” “Two Thieves” is cut short when singer/guitarist Greg Cartwright receives an electric shock mid-song. But the jolt gets the heart pumping to amp up “We Repel.” Live at Goner Records feels like a good, comprehensive bootleg, but it’s not a jam for beginners. This one’s for fans — most of whom probably already own it. (Goner) 4 stars out of 5