Record Review - Pill: 4075: The Refill


Atlanta rapper Pill wants his listeners to get to know him intimately, he explained to Creative Loafing’s Dominick Brady earlier this year. That’s why his previous mixtape, 4180: The Prescription, refers to his old home in the Kimberly Court projects on 4180 Cant St., and the title of 4075: The Refill continues in the autobiographical theme by referencing a later address in Adamsville. Suddenly the toast of the blogosphere and print publications, Pill has hit a new creative peak with 4075, going into introspective detail about the death of his mother and the everyday tragedies of life in the trap. He’s at his best when he simply rears back and spits as fast as he can, such as on the stunning opener “Hear Somebody Comin’,” but he also rides melodies well, such as on “Super Cool.” Whether Pill can break through as a mainstream success remains to be seen, but these standout audition tapes are making him nearly impossible to ignore. 4 out of 5 stars.