Photo Galleries - Vigil for Kavader Martez” McKibben”

More than 200 Atlantans, including Mayor-elect Kasim Reed, gathered on the night of Dec. 7 in the bitter cold outside the Moreland Avenue liquor store where Kavader “Martez” McKibben was killed to remember his life — and urge each other to unite as a community to help end violent crime.

Men and women from across the city lit candles, sang songs, and offered words of support to the victim’s family. Outside the liquor store, mourners piled teddy bears on top of teddy bears in remembrance of McKibben. Two Rough Riders jerseys — the hoops team of which McKibben was a member — rested on top.

In a city that’s been ravaged by crime, McKibben’s killing especially struck a nerve that’s been sore since long before — but hit a boiling point after — the January 2009 murder of Standard bartender John Henderson. Police say McKibben was gunned down on Friday night by 19-year-old suspect Terrone Anthony after he demanded cash from the liquor store’s register. Shaun Yu, the owner of the liquor store, then opened fire on Anthony, who was struck in the arm and leg. Police apprehended Anthony one block away. No charges have been filed against

(Photos by Joeff Davis)