Local artist Dave Cook balances the comical with the macbre

Atlanta artist's work is paired with screenings of Ghostbusters at the Plaza Theatre


When there’s something strange in Atlanta art, who ya gonna call? Well, local artist Dave Cook is often the culprit when it comes to comical depictions of zombies, ghosts, rollergirls and the like. His latest show opened Oct. 5 as part of the Plaza Theatre’s Art Opening and a Movie series, with appearances by Atlanta Rollergirls, zombies, pinup girls and a screening of the 1984 horror comedy classic Ghostbusters. And there were even a couple of customized Ectomobiles sitting out front, and several male and female Ghostbusters suited up for the festivities.


  • Molly Coffee/Zombie Cat Productions

Living Walls

:: CABBAGETOWN: Wylie near Carroll St. (Artist: Sever)
<p>Photo by Jill Melancon ::

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