Word: About me

Twenty-six-year-old Atlanta police officer Lamar Gavin is being held without bond in the Fulton County Jail. Prosecutors say he videotaped himself raping a neighbor in her apartment last summer. Gavin’s MySpace profile, which can be found at MySpace.com/lgavin82, was last updated April 9. He was booked the next day. The following are excerpts from his profile.

“The ‘ATL’ Bad Boy”

— Gavin’s headline

“If a man tells you he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend, you’re probably not what he’s looking for..”

— Gavin’s motto

“Law &; Order SVU and the regular one, The Shield, Nip/Tuck, 24, Real World, Sopranos, Real Time with Bill Maher, Dallas Swat, Dog Boutny Hunter (he cracks me up) ...”

— listed as The “ATL” Bad Boy’s television interests

“I try to keep my personal life drama free but it seems like crazy people find their way into my life. Remember this folks: You can accomplish anything as long as you stay out of jail!”

— Gavin’s About Me description