Word: Cynthia vs. Cynthia

Feisty former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has picked yet another fight — this time with Pulitzer-winning AJC editorial page editor Cynthia Tucker. McKinney has sued Tucker, the newspaper and its owners, Cox Enterprises, for libel, alleging that she suffered “permanent impairment to her ability to continue her livelihood” as a result of two of Tucker’s opinion pieces and another article.

“What changes to the ‘stinking system’ has McKinney wrought? She doesn't have the prestige or power to pass a resolution in support of sweetened ice tea.”

— From Tucker’s July 30, 2006, editorial

"Tucker knew that the Power Rankings by Congress.org rated Cynthia McKinney 277 of 435 Congresspersons in legislative effectiveness."

— From McKinney’s July 2007 lawsuit, in an attempt to prove Tucker downplayed McKinney’s power and prestige

“This is a set-up for the catfight of the century.”

— Posted by “Wings-n-Wind” on the conservative website www.freepublic.com