Atlanta Blogs Today: Fulton fixes, concert louts, and workspace decor March 10 2008

Before I get to those other bills, let me briefly talk about the plan to reduce the commission from 7 members down to 5. One of the reasons I believe that legislation hasn't been introduced yet is the legislators behind it haven't found a way to get the bill written as a general bill in order to by-pass the Atlanta-Fulton delegation.

— Andre at Georgia Politics Unfiltered provides a succinct summary of legislation at the Capitol that will most impact Fulton County.

1. Take my little, yippy dogs to a children’s playground after dark and let them run around off-leash.

2. Get stupid drunk at Shawn Mullins’ 40th birthday bash and, with his family in the audience, yell out “You went to college Shawn?!”

— Decaturite at DecaturMetro weighs in on two things he witnessed this weekend and, upon reflection, wouldn't do himself.

Over the years, as I built up a good clientele and found myself spending more and more time in the space, I have been working to make this room warmer, more inspirational and better organized. Right now, the space is cozy (dimensions to come) and the walls are what could best be described as a putty color. As a result, I find myself throwing open the blinds, turning on the lights and begging the sun to move just a little bit that way, no...that way...yes, that's it...to liven things up in here.

— Paige at the Avery Lane Experience gives us a glimpse into her freelancer's lair and asks for suggestions as to how she can improve it. (My advice is on the way, Paige.)