Most popular damn posts o’ the week September 03 2011

Well, well, well... all the popular kids wanna crash the geeks’ party, eh?

It’s ClusterFest™ 2011! The festival of clusters! Geeks! Jocks! Tattooed lovers of low culture! Bookworms! Something else we’ve surely omitted! It’s the craziest, most jam-packed weekend of the year and we’re stuck inside typing exclamation points! Before you venture outside, revisit this week’s most popular posts on Fresh Loaf, the inventor of TV commercials starring frazzled car salesmen!

1. Psst. Thinking about dropping by Dragon*Con tonight without a badge? Well, we should warn ya about a new policy...

2. A Cobb County man as quoted in the Marietta Daily Journal: “What’s going to be the cost of extra law enforcement and public safety to be able to take care of the crime issues that automatically come in with mass transit?” Are we sure this article wasn’t originally published in 1983?

3. Boompf boompf boompf boompf...

4. Really, what are they putting in Cobb County’s water these days?

5. Gwynedd Stuart, CL’s resident animal whisperer, would like to have a word with the winner of Zoo Atlanta’s contest to name the new baby giraffe.

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