Film Festival Fever: Old School & New School

TCM Classic Movie Festival makes impressive return in LA while Lovett School takes up TEEN SCREEN mantle in Atlanta with launch of the Lovett School Film Festival


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Two tidbits on Atlanta related film festivals:

Atlanta’s own Turner Classic Movies is hosting the 2nd TCM Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles from April 28 - May 1.

The event launched yesterday, and based on the remarkable photo album posted on Facebook, coupled with the fast and furious Twitter traffic (hashed tagged #tcmff), and remarkable live blogging by a team of writers, color me impressed.

(The most recent post as of this writing reports from an 8:15 AM screening: “A surprising number of festival attendees were up and eager to start the day with an 8:15 am screening of TAXI! (1932) this Friday morning. And there’s nothing like a Warner Bros. Pre-Code starring James Cagney to wake you up and get you buzzin’. It’s better than a double shot of expresso (sic).”)

What I love most about the coverage thus far is what a robust experience they have created. Not only are festival-goers being treated to unique opportunities like Club TCM and pool side screenings, but the festival organizers have invested in ancillary experiences like on-line reports and the aforementioned social media—all of which allow those of us NOT attending the event in person in Los Angeles to participate.

The Web site also includes fun “interactivites” like a Guest Book that allows you to press your hands and feet into virtual cement, and there are also promises of Web casts, but as of this writing, I couldn’t find evidence of them on the site.

What follows is a photo gallery of an impressive opening night Red Carpet opening. Click here to watch the video highlight package.