The Televangelist: 'Friday Night Lights' season three finale

"Tomorrow Blues" began five months from where we left off last week, with the Dillon Panthers losing the state championship thanks to JD's family crisis and his subsequent meltdown. Though the episode opened with a montage of carefree spring moments — lounging by the pool, the crack of baseball bats, taking in an afternoon movie — there's trouble a-brewin' in Dillon. Coach Taylor's contract is up for renewal (already?), and Joe McCoy is looking to make a power play that involves taking over the team and placing his main lackey, Wade Aikman, as head coach.

To be fair, Eric's tenure at Dillon High has always existed on the brink. It took a full season to get the town's support, and he continued to struggle against Buddy and Boosters for the remainder of his time. It's of little wonder then that he hesitated to make a strong play to keep his job, showing up at the board meeting simply to state the facts, "I love this team, I love my job, and I'm good at it." In the end, it wasn't enough, but a final shot of Eric and Tami standing together among the ruins of the East Dillon High football field gave the hope that Coach Taylor can start fresh and really prove himself with a new team.

Had this been the final season of "Friday Night Lights," as was originally rumored, I can't help but feel the ending would have been mostly satisfactory. There was enough closure (Lyla and Tyra going to the colleges of their dreams) yet enough left open (the Taylor's future in Dillon, Tim and Matt both considering not going to college) to go either way. As much as I believed this should have been "FNL's" swan song, the possibilities of another season focusing on the fight between the evil Joe McCoy and the good Coach Taylor as cross-town rivals is both  promising and downright exciting.