24:' Episode 20, 3-4 a.m.

When Tony's bad, he's very very bad.

Stand idly by your FBI vehicle, and he'll put a bullet in your face. Rub him the wrong way, and he'll suffocate you with a motel shower curtain. Question his motives and he'll get, well, moody. (Cara, upon seeing Galvez's lifeless body: "I'll assume that was necessary." Tony: "Don't start with me. I'm not in the mood." Me-ow!) All cattiness aside, Tony stepped further into that deep, dark place this week, and seemingly closer to the mental point of no return. As viewers, we'd be remiss to continue hoping for his redemption. Even if he did snap out of his Tony the Terrorist phase, there'd be no one left to vouch for him. Once you kill the head of FBI, burn the President, and lie to Jack, whooo boy are you a goner.

With Tony so committed to the Dark Side, I doubt he'll make it past season seven. The action's snowballing toward a big finish now that we're down to the last four episodes and I think it's likely that Tony will be taken out of the picture. For good this time, soul patch and all.