The Televangelist: 'Lost' episode 14

I typed two completely different versions of this review — one last night that was full of love, and one this morning that was full of hate. (*Spoiler Alert*!) The swap came after some rumination over "The Variable," set up to be an epic "Lost" classic. (The show's 100th episode to follow Obama's 100 days speech? Come on!) It succeeded and it failed in its attempts. I'm mostly frustrated for myself and every other nerdcore Lostie out there who's sat through recent episodes this season saying "Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK we know, we know ... but now what?"

"The Variable" belonged completely to Daniel "Twitchy" Faraday, fan favorite only behind his oft episodic-counterpart Desmond "Motorboater" Hume. Some questions of Faraday's history were answered (yes, Widmore is his father); his present revealed (Why we saw him in the Dharma mines to open the season; Why it was so important to find Eloise Hawking), and his future decided (gunned down by mother as an adult in her past — would anything less complicated do?), all of which played out good guesses with a few twists that, in typical "Lost" fashion, both satisfied and beguiled.