True Blood’ season 2, episode 3

What the ...?! Did you see that thing? That was some Guillermo del Toro shit that sprung out of the misty shadows and ran down poor ol’ Sookie like she was dragging a red cape behind her. All libidos point toward Maryann, of course, who’s known for wandering the streets naked next to wild hogs in the middle of the night, not to mention the giant mural of the Greek god Pan in her poolhouse, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. For now, let’s recap.

Bill zips to Sookie’s side after the attack and reveals her wounds — a set of three deep gouges left by the creature’s claws. When Bill tries to feed her his blood, her body rejects the antidote and she starts seizuring and foaming at the mouth. Bill rushes her to Fangtasia, of all places, where Eric has called the small-in-stature-but-not-in-attitude Dr. Ludwig. (Sookie: “What kind of doctor are you?” Dr. Ludwig: “The healing kind.”) The crusty old lady, as well as Eric and Bill, are mystified by the whole thing: Dr. Ludwig likens the scenario to a Komodo dragon attack, referencing the poison embedded in the wounds to slowly cripple the prey. Sookie is likewise poisoned, which Dr. Ludwig treats by dousing with some sort of potion before scooping out bad stuff with her knotty fingers. Sookie can now accept Bill’s blood and does so, passing out soon after. With her job done, Dr. Ludwig heads out with a heartfelt “Fuck off!” to Eric. I’d have liked to see the look on Bill’s face when she said that.