True Blood’ season 2, episode 4

Welcome to Bon Temps, where every day’s Humpday! No one was safe from the hump last night, except for maybe Bill and Sookie for once. Lafayette was humping the couch; Jason was mind-humping Sarah Newlin; Tara was humping Eggs; Sam and Daphne ditched Tara’s party to hump; and Bon Tempians in general were humping anything within humping distance. But what brought all this on? How did folks get into such a humptastic state of mind in the first place? Let’s start at the beginning.

Jason hasn’t been fitting in too well with his bunkmates — Luke in particular — over at the Light of Day Institute. It seems that Jason isn’t the only one who’d like a slice of Sarah Newlin’s banana pudding. Returning after dark, Jason opens the door to reveal his dozen or so roommates covered in blood and strewn lifeless about the room. A hooded assassin ambushes Jason from the shadows, threatening his life with vampire-like abandon. It’s just Luke, though, playing a silly prank along with all of the other silly ketchup-covered boys. A smug Luke then asks Jason, whose lip was busted in the process, “How’s that lip?” Jason: “It’s fine. How’s your nose?” To which Luke responds in the perfect setup for a right hook: “What?” Jason-1, Luke-0.