The Televangelist: 'The Good Wife' Season 3, Ep. 8

I was on board until that plot device they stole from "Gigli"


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  • Get down! This storyline is messy!

After a fantastic episode last week, "The Good Wife" went back to its earlier issues from this season of having a scattered plot with questionable micro stories that don't turn out to be particularly interesting or, in some cases, even plausible. As a Cary supporter (one of the few), I was particularly offended by the Cary / Kalinda storyline. I gave up on Kalinda's character after Season One, when the writers turned her from a mysterious and gifted investigator into a bisexual terminator. Worse still, her story with Cary feels like it was stolen from Gigli: a tough lesbian is only into women until she meets the right man to show her the error of her ways! Let's not go there, please. Besides, Cary already has a curious relationship with Dana to handle without needing this vague shadow of a threesome hovering over all of the proceedings. And speaking of Cary's work crushes, where has Geneva been? I prefer her, and the actress, over Dana. With so many characters and with flickering focus, "The Good Wife" sometimes creates and dismisses stories too quickly, especially regarding relationships. Geneva has disappeared (one), Will's girlfriend with whom he seemingly made a huge commitment just vanished after he slept with Alicia (two), and how about Zach's girlfriend (three)? Is a Good Wife (or a Good Woman) someone who blessedly releases her partner from any emotional commitment as soon as they lay eyes on someone else? When did this become a fantasy show?

I had hoped for more political plot lines from the show, and this week delivered a little on that. I found the core question to be an interesting and relevant one - in the "Facebook generation," is anyone safe from their past? A good man with political aspirations is forced to admit phantom issues and drop out of running because of a silly college picture that was released. It's outrageous, yet this obsession with documenting our every moments is already having implications (documenting our body parts has, anyway. It hasn't gotten as silly as the pictures in this episode yet, I don't think, but it's surely just a matter of time). And what do we actually want or expect from our public officials? A lot of deep questions, but they weren't given much time or lip service. At least seeing Mickey Gunn (Michael Kelly, a favorite character actor of mine) and Eli working together is always a treat, especially when they are scheming or watching their schemes fail. Hopefully their alliance will remain over the course of the show. The potential return of Parker Posey as Eli's ex-wife running for State Senate would just take it to the next level. These are the kind of threesomes I want! Wait, let me retract that … Chris Matthews I don't know what you think you heard or read but I can assure you that that is the only mention I made of it. Except that time in the first paragraph. … Oops?