Add It Up: Colossus of roads

Percentage of bridges in metro Atlanta rated “deficient” in a recent study: 20

Percentage of major roads and highways in metro Atlanta that are considered “congested”: 76

Percentage of Atlanta commuters who drive to work alone: 65

Total number of people killed in traffic accidents in Georgia from 2001-2005: 8,182

Projected cost of a planned “colossus of roads” for metro Atlanta: $50 billion

Pounds of pollutants MARTA kept out of the air in 2001: 300 million

Number of vehicles MARTA keeps off the roads daily: 185,000

Number of times “public transit” is mentioned as a possible solution to Atlanta’s traffic woes in the aforementioned study: 0

Sources: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; “Future Mobility in Georgia,” TRIP; Atlanta Journal-Constitution, U.S. Census