Add It Up: Georgia’s African-American legacy

The long, hard road to equality

Number of days Mae Quarterman spent in jail in 1962 for refusing to move to the back of an Albany, Ga., bus: 60

Number of activists arrested in a 1962 civil rights march led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through Albany: 217

Number of years since Eliza Ann Grier became the first black doctor licensed in Georgia: 113

Number of years since Maynard Jackson was elected the first black mayor of Atlanta: 36

Number of books written by Georgia-born author Alice Walker, the first black woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction: 24

Percentage, as of 2008, of Georgia men and women who are black: 31

Percentage of University of Georgia and Georgia State University students, respectively, who are black: 5, 33

Percentage of the average white man’s salary that the average black woman earned in 2008 for the same work in Georgia: 64

Number of states that have passed legislation apologizing for slavery (Georgia not being one of them): 6

Sources: Albany Civil Rights Institute,, New Georgia Encyclopedia, National Library of Medicine, NPR, Oakland Tribune, U.S. Census Bureau

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