Guns ride free on MARTA starting July 1

Polish your Glocks, licensed firearm carriers. On July 1, your lifelong dream to legally carry a pistol on the city’s public-transit system will be realized. In uneasy anticipation of the event, MARTA’s trying to get the word out.

So sayeth the people-moving machine:

Georgia law prohibits the carrying of a pistol, revolver or other firearm on public transit unless a person has a valid firearms license to carry a gun. This license must be carried at any time that an individual is carrying a firearm on MARTA. MARTA police will strictly enforce all provisions of this law. Any individual found to be carrying a firearm without a permit will have it confiscated and will be issued a citation pursuant to Georgia law.

Ya hear that? You gotta have a license.

MARTA’s work rules strictly prohibit all employees, whether licensed or not, from the possession of any type of firearm while on MARTA property. This prohibition applies to employees’ vehicles while vehicles are parked on any Authority property designated as a secured employee parking area.

If you work for MARTA, no dice.

When taking MARTA to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, customers need to be aware that firearms laws governing the Airport are different from those governing MARTA. Please see the Airport’s website to review their firearms regulations.

If you see something creepy, MARTA advises you to discreetly contact a staff member, press the emergency call button, or dial (404) 848-4911 or by pressing #MPD on any AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint/Nextel cellular phone. Blackberry users can press #673.