Residents fight cell phone tower in East Atlanta ... again

A cell phone tower could be moving in to East Atlanta Village, but not if the neighbors have anything to say about it.

Ruby-Beth Buitekant was relieved when T-Mobile  withdrew plans to erect a cell phone tower at 469 Metropolitan Place, a piece of property that sits just steps away from the East Atlanta Village home she shares with her mother.

An Atlanta native and recent graduate of Wesleyan University, Buitekant joined forces with other EAV neighborhood advocates and successfully stymied the proposal. In the end, T-Mobile retreated and is currently negotiating to erect the tower on the roof of a nearby condominium, an idea to which East Atlantans have been more receptive.

But, Buitekant’s relief was short-lived as yet another tech giant is eyeballing the lot in residential EAV. This time, it’s Clear wireless internet service that wants a tower on Metropolitan Place, and Buitekant’s objections to the plan remains the same.