City Hall East rummage sale begins Monday!

There are officially 4 billion items for sale


  • Joeff Davis
  • Saddle up!

Old mounted police saddles — with Village People-style helmets — are arguably not the weirdest things you could buy at the Great City Hall East Rummage Sale, beginning Monday morning.

That distinction may fall to the slightly used 911 emergency operator consoles (photo after jump). Or the yellow, hand-decorated fake stand-up piano. Or a huge, colorful sign promoting the city’s parks & rec department.

Reporters were given a final look at the items for sale this morning and, lemme tell you, there’s a lot more stuff than I remember — hundreds, perhaps thousands, of chairs, tables, book cases, file cabinets and a butt-load of refrigerators and other appliances. And then there’s the wild-card stuff: a vent hood for working with chemicals; museum-quality display cases; a commercial-grade sewing station, as seen on Project Runway; and huge wheeled canvas laundry baskets.

As we mentioned, the sale runs from 10 a.m.—5 p.m., starting Monday, Aug. 23, through Saturday, Aug. 28, although Mayor Kasim Reed and Councilman Kwanza Hall will be on hand at 9 a.m. for some kind of kick-off event. Perhaps they’ll be handing out shopping bags.

I’ve also been told that city workers will be handing out free lemonade to shoppers. That’s not a bad idea, considering they’re not running the air-conditioners. The sale may be in the basement, but if this morning is any indication, you can count on breaking a sweat.