Preview: Lucha Rodriguez at Swan Coach House

Fluoressence, a solo exhibition of work by Atlanta’s Lucha Rodriguez, opens at the Swan Coach House Gallery on Thursday


On Thursday, the Swan Coach House Gallery will exhibit Fluoressence, a solo exhibition of work by Atlanta’s Lucha Rodriguez. Rodriguez received the Forward Arts Foundation Emerging Artist Award last year, which includes a $10,000 grant and culminates in a solo exhibition a year after the award.

Rodriguez says that Fluoressence will combine both installation work and framed pieces aimed at exploring “various definitions and conceptions of the ”internal.””

“The investigation of such a general and abstract word can only be guided through the implementation of a contention structure, which so far has been the human body. The dialogue between science and metaphysics is what makes the work interesting because one is informing the other in distinct ways, making it possible for the work to navigate from suggestive-representational and the somewhat abstract,” she writes in an artist statement for the show.

Rodriguez was kind enough to share a few images of work from the exhibition with CL. Check out the preview, details about the show, and a clip of Rodriguez’s recent appearance on CNN after the jump.