Elevating Atlanta on South Broad Street

Revitalizing Downtown with new murals, installations


Yesterday we went down to Broad St. in downtown Atlanta to check out the most concentrated section of Elevate, a project in its second year attempting to revitalize our barren downtown with public art. Local artists and old-time graffiti writing buds HENSE and BORN are collaborating on a massive multi-colored facade while other local artist Sever paints the top of a storefront across from them reading, “I’m not a player I just read a lot.” Nearby, French artist Tilt was finishing up the last few stars of an American flag comprised of the names of Broad St. passers-by while California-based artist Push composes a barrage of primary-colored triangles.

The South Broad Street Celebration goes down this Saturday from 4-8 p.m. The new murals will be on display in all their glory and will be accompanied by a hip-hop dance performances by renowned French choreographer Pierre Rigal.

Broad Street isn’t the only spot in downtown being graced by Elevate this year, check out more info here.

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