Proposal to boot adult businesses off Cheshire Bridge Road delayed

Zoning board presses ‘pause’ on Atlanta City Council Alex Wan’s proposals


  • Joeff Davis
  • Proposal targets ‘non-conforming’ businesses along Cheshire Bridge Road, including strip clubs

Atlanta’s Zoning Review Board last night slammed the brakes on two ordinances aimed at removing adult businesses along a part of Cheshire Bridge Road.

The board’s decision follows proposals introduced by Atlanta City Councilman Alex Wan that would have forced businesses to conform to special zoning requirements - and which would mostly affect the thoroughfare’s adult video stores and strip clubs.

In his ordinance, Wan says that such ventures “give the area a negative perception” which harms the surrounding communities.

“Cheshire Bridge has always been a very challenging area in the district,” Wan told CL. “It’s one I’ve consistently heard neighbors in adjacent areas - complaining isn’t the right word - but talking about... and sharing their frustration with it.”

Since 2005, the city has required new businesses along Cheshire Bridge to encourage pedestrian activity and streetside shopping. In addition, new adult businesses were prohibited from opening in the area. Existing establishments, however, were “grandfathered in” and could remain open along the bustling thoroughfare.