Meet Atlanta’s ‘Kick Ass’ Mall Cop

‘I feel like the taser and the camera are the two most effective tools I have’

Atlanta’s famous, ya’ll. Videos shot by a security guard who works at a downtown mall confronting loiterers and ne’er-do-wells have attracted an online fan following. In particular, one of the guard - who actually refers to himself as an on-site manager - tasering a disorderly female customer.

Darrien Long, who’s been dubbed “Kick Ass” Mall Cop by reddit, got into a scuffle with a woman after he asked her to leave the premises. After repeated blows to the head, according to the video and WSB-TV, Long drew his taser and fired. You can see that moment around 3:14 on the clip. Warning: It’s a little unsettling.

Long monitors the premises while decked out in a Kevlar vest and with a chest-mounted camera. “I feel like the taser and the camera are the two most effective tools I have,” Long told WSB-TV.

This and other Long videos have made Long an Internet insta-celebrity, and a post on reddit has led to an online fund to help Long purchase more gear. In just over 24 hours, the Crowdtilt account for “Kick Ass Mall cop” has collected over $12,000.

In the last hour he also participated in a live Ask Me Anything interview. In it, Long explains how the videos started being shared online, describes his hopes for downtown, and says that he plans to buy a better taser with the donations.