Atlanta drinks up Paper Frank’s ‘Pink Lemonade’ in droves

It felt like a mass convergence of the city’s emerging crop of young creatives


  • Courtesy Paper Frank

Two weeks have passed since Paper Frank’s Pink Lemonade exhibit opened at Blue Mark Studios in West Midtown. The earth is still shuddering from the seismic event.

That would be hyperbole if it weren’t for the fact that 3,000 people visited the studio that night - for an art opening.

In actuality, the Pink Lemonade opening was more than that. It felt like a mass convergence of the city’s emerging crop of young creatives - active in art, music, streetwear, etc. - and all their peers and enthusiasts. Frank, who is also a tattoo artist at City of Ink, raised over $5,000 in two weeks to complete the exhibit, so he’s obviously garnered a swell of support. But I doubt anyone could have predicted the size of the turnout.

As you can see, my iPhone failed to capture the expansiveness of the scene:


I’ve seen less people at an arts festival, nevermind a solo exhibit. The scene was so thick that the line to get inside wrapped around the building while the majority of folk congregated on both sides of the street in front of the gallery, talking, hanging, and taking it all in. Thankfully, Paper Frank had the foresight to document the event. The resulting video, released this week, gives a good sample of Frank’s artwork, while featuring shout-outs from supporters including Atlanta rappers Trinidad James and Ali of Travis Porter.

His pop art-meets-animé aesthetic included homages to Basquiat and Andy Warhol - the latter of which drew Twitter praise from Jermaine Dupri: