Daniel Fuller takes curator role at the ACAC

'The goal is to have a space where everyone can gather and exchange ideas.'


  • Bryan Graf
  • BETWEEN THE LINES: Daniel Fuller is ACAC's new curator.

After four years at the Maine College of Art, Daniel Fuller will join the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center (ACAC) as curator on Dec. 1. As director of Maine College's Institute of Contemporary Art, Fuller diversified and grew the exhibition program to attract new audiences. Previously a curator in New York and Philadelphia, Fuller is looking to engage the Atlanta arts community inside and out of the Contemporary walls.

“I could not be more pleased to share the news of Daniel’s appointment as Curator,” says Julie Delliquanti, ACAC’s executive director. “Daniel is lauded for his commitment to artists as well as his intelligent, ambitious, and inventive approaches to expanding the reach of contemporary art to new audiences. I am confident that Daniel’s leadership and curatorial vision will make a significant impact on our community.”

Creative Loafing caught up with Fuller to find out his plans for the Contemporary and what drew him to Atlanta.

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Tell me a little more about how you came across the position and what drew you to Atlanta?
Initially, it was the opportunity to work with the tremendous team at the Contemporary. I've known Rachel Reese for six years and have nothing, but the utmost respect for her work. I didn't meet Julie until the interview, but immediately felt we were simpatico. We all have the same goal of making world-class contemporary art accessible.

What drew me to Atlanta was definitely the double summer—going from a Maine summer to an Atlanta winter. Atlanta is one of those up-and-coming cities. You keep reading more and more about the arts scene here. There's more artists coming out of the city and it's just a place that's really exciting right now. It's a good opportunity to be here at a time when things are growing, where things are taking off. I want to be a part of it and advocate for the artists, help them get shows outside of Atlanta, and be part of a large, vibrant community.

You spent four years expanding the Maine College of Art's programs and exhibitions. What are some things you learned in that time that you hope to implement at ACAC?
The main thing I learned up north was just to remain open to ideas regardless of how strange or convoluted they might seem. To follow the artist's lead. To listen to the community. This is how our audience skyrocketed to the point that it did. We didn't sit back and wish for more visitors or attention, we went out and asked folks what they wanted to see.

What are your hopes and goals for the ACAC?
My goal for the Contemporary is essentially to create a public square feel to the space; a museum where artists feel as comfortable as musicians, poets, scientists, Georgia Tech students, filmmakers, and, very importantly, Braves fans. The goal is to have a space where everyone can gather and exchange ideas.

What are you most excited to experience in the Atlanta's arts community? Any artists you would like to work with in the near future?
There are numerous visual artists that I'm beyond excited to dive into studio visits with, but I am also very greatly looking forward to the other amazing opportunities that Atlanta has to offer. I'd love to find ways to work with the Bitter Southerner, Atlanta Fringe Festival, the Atlanta Opera, and WREK radio. The goal is to totally dive in on Dec. 1, to talk to as many artists as possible about what inspires them; what makes them love the city.