Another historic building gets demolished to make room for townhomes

Ending 2014 with a bulldozer and lots of dust

This is happening in Old Fourth Ward:


  • Kit Sutherland

So this can happen:


  • John Wieland Homes

Yes, earlier this week demolition work began on a former yeast and cough syrup factory located on Glen Iris Drive at Ralph McGill Boulevard. The historic building is being bulldozed by residential developer John Wieland to make room for as many as 28 townhomes. The building — the oldest part of which was built in 1929 — is mentioned in the Old Fourth Ward master plan as potentially worthy of historic protection. However, it was never given landmark status. Neighborhood leaders and some local businesses say they tried to convince Wieland after he alerted them about the plan to consider reusing the oldest part of the building that faces Glen Iris. The community’s efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. CL request for comment from Wieland’s media team but haven’t heard back. If we hear back we’ll update.