gloATL’s Lauri Stallings receives commission for Creative Time exhibition in NYC

gloATL to perform nomadic installation in Central Park


gloATL doesn’t like to wait for the public to come to them. With the help of founder and choreographer Lauri Stallings, the contemporary art company, gloATL, has made a reputation in the city of Atlanta for its nontraditional use of human interaction and collaboration in its performances since 2009. This incorporation of the public makes them, and Stallings, the perfect choice for a Creative Time’s newly commissioned work.

The nonprofit, known for its international commissioning of works by artists like Nick Cave and David Byrne, has commissioned Stallings and other artists from around the world to contribute to a group exhibition located in Central Park in New York City. Considering Creative Time’s own use of public display, the collaboration seems incredibly organic.

Stallings, a conceptual artist as well as choreographer, will bring the gloATL team with her during a six-week residency to realize a performance-based, nomadic installation. Grappling with the tense dichotomy of emancipation and human limitations, the work will use gestural language to evoke wonder and concern from viewers. In doing so, the installation, And all directions I come to you, seeks to create an “evanescent democracy.” Moving artists of gloATL will be constructing the piece in the northern end of the park, beginning on Fri., May 15 until June 20.

Why is this relevant to Atlanta, you ask? gloATL will be hosting free and public events leading up to the move to NYC in order to encourage participation from its home city. Project TALK, conducted by gloATL creative consultants Paul Boshears and Maggie David, will take place on Tues., April 7, at 7 p.m. at an undecided location. OPEN PROCESS will be held from April 13 until May 8, and a preview of And all directions I come to you will be shown on Wed., May 6, at 6 p.m. Both the preview and OPEN PROCESS will be held at the Goat Farm Arts Center. If you’re curious about the group exhibition, find more information here.