First Slice 1-23-14: Atlanta is top moving destination in America


For the fourth year in a row, Atlanta is the top moving destination in America! And that makes perfect sense, this place has got everything:

Free beer! This morning a tractor trailer turned over on I-285 south near I-20. And on a day like today, who wouldn't enjoy a nice, crisp cold one? No one was hurt and all those clever signs that have populated the rec rooms of wacky neighbors and shitty bars for decades finally delivered on their illusory promise.

Jobs! Well, sorta. The state's unemployment rate fell to 7.4 percent in December from 7.6 percent in November. 7.4 percent is the lowest unemployment rate we've seen since October 2008. That's great. However, initial claims for unemployment insurance benefits increased by 95 percent from November to December with 65,889 applying for aid. So if you're moving to Atlanta, you should probably have something lined up. Does your tongue work? How about your fingers? Great! We're looking for a new restaurant critic. Two birds, one stone, dude.

Fire! And not just any fire, this one was set by future hall of famer Chipper Jones after he dumped ashes from his fireplace into his backyard. Atlanta celebrities, they're just like us! (And just like you, if you're moving here.) The Roswell Fire Department extinguished the blaze without incident.

Assholes! I mean: Differing opinions! But everyone has those, right? Hundreds of anti-choice activists rallied at the state Capitol on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade yesterday. They are hoping a variety of bills will be passed during Georgia's current legislative session that will interfere with women having the right to control their own bodies and make their own decisions.

See you soon, out-of-towners.

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