First Slice 2-29-12: Things aren’t looking good for Newt

Plus a Falcon’s baby mama drama (sorry) and it’s Leap Day for leap people


1. Mittens Romney swept the Michigan and Arizona primaries yesterday, with Newt Gingrich coming in a distant third in Arizona, and fourth behind Rick Santorum and Ron Paul, respectively, in Michigan. Mitt’s Michigan win was no surprise considering it’s his home state, and a place in which he created many a fond childhood memory. Like the time American troops retook Fort Mackinac from the Brits. He must’ve been four or five ...

CNN asks, “Is Newt done?”

2. TMZ — NEWS! — reports that Atlanta Falcons RB Michael Turner’s new girlfriend allegedly attacked the mother of his two children, who’s currently pregnant with a third B.O.J. (bundle of joy), with a golf club outside his mansion. Eventually, Turner broke up the fight. Aw, true love.

3. Once every four years, Leap Year babies get to be people like the rest of us. Enjoy, the day guys. By watching this. Again.

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