First Slice 3-12-15: Rewriting history in the Georgia Senate

Plus, craft beer peeps don’t lie


The Georgia Senate apparently wants to rewrite U.S. history — or at least convince the College Board to redo the Advanced Placement test taught in high schools. Some senators think it is biased to the left and knocks the free-enterprise system.

Atlanta Police are buying bigger weapons — we’re talking AR-15s — for officers who agree to complete special training.

A recent claim by a craft brewer advocate who claimed that Georgia’s one of a handful of states that does not allow people to buy beer for on- or off-site consumption has been declared “mostly true.”

So, Waka Flocka Flame is to blame for the racist song by some members of University of Oklahoma? Really?

The construction firm that employed Josh Richey, the worker who was shot and killed on Tuesday in the parking lot of a Kroger on Ponce de Leon Avenue, have set up a fund to help his family. Richey is survived by four children. Police have not released detailed information about the suspects but have shared surveillance video.

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