First Slice 4-12-13: Atlanta gets its geek on

Last year’s major drought called ‘freak of nature’ by scientists who sound like they know this stuff


1. Atlanta has been ranked the most nerdy city in the U.S., according to real estate blog Movoto, and evidently it’s not just because of Dragon*Con.

2. A man was shot and killed during rush hour on I-20 yesterday. An off-duty police officer was the first one to help after noticing bullet holes on a vehicle stopped partially in the right lane and on the shoulder of the Interstate.

3. A new report says last year’s drought was simply a freak of nature and not caused by man-made global warming.

4. Kennesaw State University is slated to get a fancy new bridge to connect the campus with surrounding business areas and hopefully relieve some congestion in the process. If all goes well, it could open as soon as early 2015.

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