Morning Newsdome: Russia helping Iran start country’s first nuclear power station August 13 2010

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>> Next week, Russia will take key steps toward starting up Iran’s first nuclear power station that could be operational within six months. I feel safer already. (BBC)

>> Congress sent a $600 million U.S.-Mexico border-security bill to Obama for approval this morning that would add more than 1,000 National Guard troops and at least one unmanned aerial drone to the region. Good thing Congress has all this money to spend on our “security.” (the Washington Times)

>> Now being sued by Oracle, exposed by the Wall Street Journal for potentially revealing personal data and protested in front of their headquarters, everyone hates Google. (New York Magazine)

>> Peru has sent emergency teams to the Amazon to battle rabid vampire bats after 500 people have been bitten. This vampire trend is just going too far! (BBC)

>> And finally: Working-class idol Steven Slater, who gained national attention for his dramatic quitting of his flight attendant job, announced today through lawyers that he wants his job back. Heroes always disappoint. (NBC)

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