Ed Loves Bacon - The college football bowl schedule

Remember back in the day when you there were only a few bowl games. You'd awaken from your hangover, eat breakfast watch parades and then saunter over to the sofa - snacks in hand, to spend the remainder of the day watching bowl games and getting re-drunk. Back then you only had four that mattered: the Orange Bowl (Miami, Fla.), the Sugar Bowl (New Orleans, La.), the Fiesta Bowl (Tempe, Ariz.) and the Rose Bowl (Pasadena, Calif.). Nowadays you have a grand total of 34 different bowl games with corporate names like the Beef 'O' Brady St. Petersburg Bowl (seriously) to fill out the bowl-tourney season.

The bowl series which previously kicked off on New Year's Eve have now stretched from Dec., 19 through to the BCS Championship - Rose Bowl on Jan., 7. While some games have already been played, there's still a butt load of tourneys for you to veg out over. Here's a list of all bowl games including recently played games and upcoming scheduled match-ups.

After this tournament season, I hope the POTUS makes headway to change the way the BCS handles bowl games. I've grown tired of trying to figure out their alchemic methods for bowl pairings and ranking system.

Go [http://www.fightsongs.com/|insert your school mascot name here] !!!

Schedule courtesy of ESPN.com

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