Omnivore - Bakon Vodka tasting podcast

Besha Rodell and Edward Adams finally sample Bakon, the Bacon-flavored vodka.

Yes its true - I f***in' love bacon.

In my opinion it belongs in its own food group along with peanut butter, salt and hot sauce - all the things that make other foods just taste better. I'm not sure If all foodies share my opinion but most have an affinity to some degree towards the salty, savory swagger of bacon.

That said, for the past few months we at the Loaf have waited patiently for news of Bakon, the bacon-flavored vodka to make its way from the west coast down south. In theory its a pretty sound call: take the tofu of booze (vodka)  and add some bacon to it. In a nutshell it should taste like liquid bliss, or at minimum - the lightest meat gravy on the planet that you can drink over ice.

So with a couple of glasses, a bartender (Besha's sister, Grace Anthony), and some eager taste buds, Besha and I sampled Bakon ... and the entire experience was captured in a podcast.

Listen in as we try recommended Bakon recipes provided on their website and make up a few of our very own.

Bakon vodka tasting podcast