Omnivore - Murray's cheese comes to a Kroger near you

Giant cheese selection at the local grocery store? Yes, please.


  • Besha Rodell

I walked into the Edgewood Shopping Center Kroger last week and was astonished to find this giant cheese shop, smack in the middle of the floor between the bakery and the produce departments. I had received the press release and even had a 20% off coupon delivered to my house, but honestly I thought it was some kind of marketing gimmick - a section of the current cheese department now sponsored by Murray's.
Of course, in part, it is a gimmick. Any of you who have ever been to the original Murray's, in NYC's West Village, will know that the shop got its reputation as one of the best cheese shops in the world because of its staggering selection of known and obscure cheeses, as well as its knowledgeable staff and quirky feel. The Kroger shops are undoubtedly a way to make money on a brand, without actually mimicking that brand in any real way. While the cheese selection at these new "shops" within Kroger are vastly superior to anything we've seen at standard chain supermarkets before, I didn't see anything here that was unfamiliar to me.