Omnivore - A visit to the Little Cafe Paris in Ormewood Square

A new coffee and breakfast option


As Laura reported in last week’s Gravy Train, a new cafe has opened in the old E2 location in Ormewood Square called the Little Cafe Paris. I stopped by over the weekend to check it out.
My kid was super excited because the cafe serves crepes. Morelli’s, across the way, used to have crepes but they were never exceptional and the ice cream shop stopped serving them after a while. I ordered from the short list of breakfast items, each of which comes with a small coffee. My coffee arrived with much more cuteness than most coffee exhibits in this town. Check out the adorable little bottle of milk.

My kid’s crepe arrived - he ordered it with chocolate and strawberries. It was a huge portion, and the crepe was thin and appropriately eggy. It was a tad colder than I would have liked it, but the kid didn’t seem to notice. He especially appreciated the extra chocolate sauce provided in a tiny pitcher.
I ordered the croque monsieur, which came as a triple-decker brioche sandwich with ham and swiss cheese layered inside. A gravy boat of bechamel sauce and one of diced pickle came on the side, presumably to add to your sandwich if so desired. I did desire, and the result was gooey deliciousness. The plate also came with eggs and bacon. For less than $6 and including my adorable coffee, it was quite a deal.

The cafe is set up coffee-house style, where you order at the counter and food is brought out to you. Service was slightly wonky, but the place just opened. I can imagine hoards of customers descending (there isn’t much in the way of breakfast options in that area) and the bare-bones staff getting easily overwhelmed. Regardless, a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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