Omnivore - Should food coverage stay ITP?

A reader speaks out about covering restaurants in the burbs.


I got an interesting email last week regarding my top 10 dishes of 2010 article. The reader, Steve, objected to my inclusion of dishes not in the city proper. See below:

I was sitting around this morning browsing through the most recent edition of CL, and came across your article, "Top 10 in '10". The article appeared, ironically, a few pages after another columnist's article identifying just a few of this cities many deficiencies [I assume Steve is referring to our former publisher Henry Scott's farewell column]. Yet, in your article not only do you identify, but also seem to embrace one of the biggest detriments to Atlanta's future as a city. In your reviews of what are supposed to be this city's "Top 10", 3 of your selections aren't even remotely close to the city of Atlanta. Honestly, 3 selections in Marietta? Do you really want to inspire the few people that bond together and actually live in Atlanta to flock out to suburbs, taking with them what little urban identification Atlanta actually has. If you want to write an article about reasons to get in the car and get out of Atlanta...ok. But please, please don't promote places that are demonstrably un-urban as somewhere that is a "city destination".