Omnivore - The Lawrence lineup takes form

George Brooks will serve as chef under executive chef Shane Devereux.

The Lawrence, the new restaurant in the old Cuerno location in Midtown, is shaping up for opening in the upcoming weeks. Tonight we learned that George Brooks, a sous chef at Rathbuns, will be running the kitchen along with executive chef Shane Devereux.

The Lawrence is the latest in a series of restaurants with Devereux at the kitchen’s helm, the other two being Top Flr and the Sound Table. The Lawrence shares some ownership with those other restaurants, but with Patrick La Bouff of Dinner Party is also involved. Brooks is the second Rathbuns alum to come on board with Devereux - Joey Zelinka, who currently heads up the kitchen at Sound Table under Devereux, is also a former cook at Rathbuns.