Omnivore - Pearson's Wine in Buckhead throws in the bar towel

Pearson's liquor store in Buckhead to call it quits

Image When the new Sunday Sales law goes into effect on New Year's Day, there will still be one place in Atlanta where you won't be able to buy Scotch on the Sabbath.

According to an e-mail that went out to customers this morning, Pearson's Wine shop in Buckhead will be closing its doors at the last chime of 2011 after 41 years in business:

The last week of this year between Christmas and New Years will be for us clean house of as much inventory as possible with prices discounted as much as 50% or more. Please come by to look for bargains and give us a chance to say goodbye to each and every one of you.

Actually, the notice went out a day too early, explained a woman who answered the phone when I called the store to confirm the news. The sale doesn't actually begin until Wednesday, but "people have been piling into the store all day" looking for bargain booze, she said.

So, is Pearson's going out of business because of increased competition? No, she said, it's because owners Walter and Dorthy Eisenberg have finally decided to retire. The economic downturn clearly didn't help, however, as a 2010 article in the Business Chronicle indicates.
Now you know where to stock up for New Year's Eve.

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